About us

We are a team of twelve high school girls from a variety of high schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County area!

Our team

Serah Park

Chapter Co-Director

Serah, a junior at Whitney High School, would like to pursue a career in biotechnology or climate science. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, dragon boating, and taking care of her cats.

Kelly Nguyen

Chapter Co-Director

Kelly is a sophomore at Whitney High School. She strives to spread smiles and save lives in the medical field as a surgeon! She loves all things STEM, tutoring students, competing, and her lovely friends and family.

Marina Anglo

Volunteer Coordinator

Marina is a senior at California Academy of Mathematics and Science. Going to a STEM-based school has provided Marina with different opportunities to many disciplines of engineering. As of right now, she plans on majoring in chemical engineering in college next year.

Makayla Cheng

Social Media Director

Makayla is a sophomore at Whitney High School. Makayla is interested in biomechanical engineering and has always loved math! She enjoys reading books, playing the piano, painting, and doing calligraphy in her free time!

Victoria Choi

Competition Logistics

Victoria, a junior at Troy High School, is interested in the computer science and medical fields. She enjoys playing golf, reading, and listening to music during her free time.

Swetha Ganesh

Volunteer Coordinator

Swetha is a sophomore at Whitney High School and is an aspiring STEM engineer, passionate about astronomy, aerospace engineering, and computer science. She loves to sculpt, paint, camp with her friends and family, and cook.

Noah Kim

Website Coordinator

Noah is a junior at Troy High School. Noah is interested in technology, specifically computer programming. She enjoys listening to music and chatting with her friends in her free time.

Anika Kasula


Anika is a sophomore at Whitney High School. Anika is interested in math, biology, and biotechnology. In her free time, she loves playing basketball, dancing, spending time with her family, and attending STEM competitions.

Srinidhee Sivaraj

Social Media/Volunteer Coordinator

Srinidhee is a sophomore at Whitney High School, and is very interested in the medical and science fields, especially biology. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her family and friends, watch tv, and read books.

Kaitlyn Lee

Graphics Designer

Kaitlyn is a junior at Valencia High School. Kaitlyn has been interested in STEAM since she was a young girl, and is especially invested in science and the arts. She enjoys sketching designs, playing music, and knitting in her spare time.

Krystal Lin

Fundraising Coordinator

Krystal, a Whitney sophomore, is interested in biomedical science and forensics in relation to law. In her free time, she loves painting koi fish, playing card games and hanging out with her friends.

Zuleyka Urieta

Social Media Director

Zuleyka is a junior at Oxford Academy. She is interested in pursuing a career in aerospace engineering. In her free time she loves to draw, paint, listen to music, and train for her school’s track and cross country team.