About us

We are a team of nine high school students from a variety of high schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County area!

Mission Statement

INTEGIRLS is a teen-led nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls in STEM. We are based in the Los Angeles/Orange County region of Southern California and host math competitions open to girls and non-binary students comfortable being grouped with women.

Women in STEM Statistics

According to the United States Census Bureau women made up 8% of STEM workers in 1970. This STEM proportion expanded to 27% by 2019. That same year, women also made up nearly half of math and life science occupations.

We hope to continue seeing this rising trend of women in STEM, and organization seeks to help inspire more girls to pursue a career in STEM!

Our Team

Kelly Nguyen


Chapter Co-Head

Hello! My name is Kelly, and I'm a junior from sunny Los Angeles. As an avid competitor in STEM myself, I'm excited to have more underrepresented students experience the excitement of mathematical problem-solving and create lasting memories within their teams. In my free time, I love photography, editing, and design. I'm looking forward to our upcoming competitions this year!

Lily Johnson


Chapter Co-Head

Hello, my name is Lily and I am a junior from Los Angeles! I absolutely love math and hope to pursue a career in aeronautical engineering. I want to encourage other young students to join STEM activities by providing them with an abundance of information about possible career paths in the STEM workforce. I can’t wait to see what we achieve and I look forward to a great year full of math!

Sydney Spangler


Hi! My name is Sydney, and I am a Sophomore in the South Bay. I am super excited to serve on the InteGIRLS team and help support girls interested in STEM. I hope by organizing these competitions and events we can reach kids who may not have as much access to math related resources. My other interests include the performing arts and puzzles! Hope to see you all soon.

Emma De Leon


Hi! My name is Emma and I’m a junior from North OC. I’m very excited to join the InteGIRLS team and be part of a group who inspires a generation of youth in STEM. I hope to use my passion for math to help fellow students explore various STEM pathways as well as their own love of problem-solving. Some of my hobbies include dancing and spending time with my sister. See you soon!

Srinidhee Sivaraj


Hello! My name is Srinidhee, and also a current junior in high school in Los Angeles! I would say my favorite subjects include math and science (especially biology)! I’m so excited to be a part of the InteGIRLS team this year and encourage people to participate in our STEM competitions as well as help plan activities! I also love love reading books, trying new recipes, and watching Netflix during my free time! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Krystal Lin


Hi! My name is Krystal and I’m also a junior in the LA area! Being part of an organization that empowers young girls in the STEM field is very exciting and I am looking forward to all the activities we will be coordinating! In my free time, I like reading webtoons/novels, painting and playing cards! See you all soon!

Makayla Cheng


Hello! My name is Makayla, and I’m a current junior in high school! I love math and science, and I am super excited to be a part of the InteGIRLS team! I am looking forward to empowering our future generation of STEM leaders in math competitions! In my free time, I love reading books and watching tv shows! Cheers!!

Angela Yang


Hi! I'm Angela and I'm a sophomore in LA! I love math a lot and I'm interested in a career in computer science, specifically AI. I am super excited to be a part of the INTEGIRLS LA team this year! I'm very passionate about getting girls involved in STEM. At school, I enjoy public speaking on the speech team, solving problems as co-captain of the math team, and programming in my FRC team. In my free time, I love watching comedy shows, Marvel films, and Disney movies!

Erna Kumarasiri


Heyy! My name is Erna and I’m currently a sophomore in the Orange County area. My interest in Biotechnology encouraged me to join InteGIRLS. I’m so glad to have joined a team of like-minded individuals with that same goals but diverse motivations. I have been a part of other STEM competitions, and look forward to upcoming math competition with InteGIRLS. Above all I can’t wait to inspire other youth in STEM as it has helped me navigate my educational experience. Some of my hobbies include badminton and social media/Netflix!