Spring 2021 Virtual Math Competition

Spring 2021 Math Competition is Here!

inteGIRLS LA/OC will be holding our second math competition VIRTUALLY on April 17, 2020. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the competition will be held over Zoom, where we will have proctors help maintain the integrity of the test. This competition is a team competition, with groups up to 4. However, you may compete as a partial team, an individual, or a full team combined with another partial team.

To participate, you do not need to live in the LA/OC region! However, be mindful of chapters that may be near your area. Sign up with

Competition Structure

The fall competition is a team competition where students can sign up to form groups up to 4. One member per team must sign up using the form to the right, and must indicate any team members they will be working with, as well as whether smaller groups would like to be matched with other groups to form a full team of 4.

There will be three rounds in the competition: one individual round, one team round, and one shuffler round. The shuffler round is a round in which participants will be mixed up at random, providing the opportunity to work with their peers.

We will also have other fun STEM-related activities during the competition.

Who can participate?

This competition is designed for female and non-binary students (who are comfortable with being grouped with girls) only. Girls and non-binary students are underrepresented in competitive math, as well as many STEM fields. By limiting our competition to girls and non-binary, we hope to build confidence and passion for those underrepresented in STEM.

Our chapter will host a middle school and high school division for the spring competition. For students living in other regions, we encourage you to visit our About Us page to view the other chapters' websites.